Saturday, May 25

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Outside Prisma, 12:34


Three weeks ago, on May 4, I started the day by inventing a Saturday Acronym: WECS, which stands for WALK, EAT, CLEAN, SHOWER, the first four components of my Saturday. Since I woke up with only the cat for company I got to choose whether or not to rearrange it.

After several seconds thought, in which I realised that I did not feel particularly hungry, I opted to go with CSEW.

The cat went in and out repeatedly while I cleaned. It had rained overnight and drizzle still fell from time to time, causing Sunshine to hurry back and come walking in with muddy paws.

Finally the rain cleared, so I made myself breakfast and went for a walk. Irma will come home tonight so I walked to Prisma to buy a couple of small bottles of sparkling wine, in case she arrives in a party mood.

While there I meet Heikki who I worked with in Endero twenty years ago. We say hello and chat for a few minutes. He now works as a freelance designer from his apartment in the building that joins Prisma.

When I leave I look at the ground and notice the urban patterns. I take a photo outside of one of the more interesting ones.

In the afternoon I will read, and then go for another walk; this time through the woods. When I return I will start writing down some ideas for our Indian project. These will lead me to spend a couple of hours going through Zoho’s various offerings.

I will wonder whether we could use these as our communication platform. It would make perfect sense if other partners agree. It would make more sense than trying to keep track of everything through a mixture of Facebook, Google docs, Instagram, WhatsApp, and so on.

Perhaps, I will think, I should pay Zoho another visit the next time we visit Kerala.

Irma will arrive home at about 23:30, asking if we have any wine in the fridge. She will tell me about her adventures, and then show me some of the things she brought back. These will include a pink shawl and some heart-shaped sunglasses, as well as plenty of material from the Milano Triennale.