Monday, May 27

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Outside Arcada, 14:05


Winter had started in earnest this morning. I woke up cold and looked out at the thick grey clouds blocking the sun. I left the house in a cardigan and a thick winter jacket to arrive at Puotila to find that everyone except me had left their bike at home. I could choose any parking space I wanted.

I started the working week by racing through a list of tasks that I had lined up for me in Todoist. I then moved on to transferring the Storytelling and Experience Design course from Eliademy to Its Learning. I did the first two blocks with no difficulty at all.

I had to rethink the design a bit, and vary the way the quiz in the first block worked but other than that it took far less effort than I had imagined.

At midday I chaired an online meeting of the The Only Way Is Up group: the code name for the remnants of Nobanet who wish to continue to work together. We agreed on a plan and an outline timetable, and fifty minutes later I had a tasklist.

I then walked to China Flavor to meet Liisa Tolonen for lunch. She arrived five minutes late from a meeting in Munkkiniemi, and we chatted for an hour. She will spend the summer in Stockholm where, for six weeks, she will present a two-hour afternoon talk show on the main Swedish radio channel.

As we walk back we pass a series of large media trucks. A television crew have spent the morning filming scenes for something on the fourth floor. When I had cause to go up there I passed a lot of actors in wheelchairs getting pushed down the corridor at speed by a lot of actors without wheelchairs. I photograph the most interestingly painted truck as we pass it.

I will spend an hour or so in the afternoon at a thesis forum for an MA student. Tomas will play the role of the examiner. The student will pass.

I will then go back to Todoist and work through the rest of today’s list before noticing that the sun appears to have come out. I will leave and walk to Kalasatama.