Wednesday, May 29

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Woods, 18:49


I woke to another no-cycling day and walked to the bus in heavy rain.

I had an exceedingly rushed day in which I got through a shed-load of tasks at the speed of a man getting through a shed-load of tasks quickly. I wrote this and answered that, and so on all day.

I had a meeting with Dennis Biström to discuss switching from Cloud9 to CodeAnywhere. We both agreed that CodeAnywhere met our requirements, but we wondered where the funding for accounts would come from. I spoke with Nathalie who said we could have twenty accounts in August and see about adding it to the annual expenses in the New Year.

At 14:00 I recorded a discussion with Timo Cantell about Helsinki’s open data policies, and the mechanisms that they have in place to enact the policies. This will hopefully form the basis of a future episode of Miaaw.

At 15:00 I had a meeting with Corinne and Laura about the work they have done for Buddyschool and Job’d, sorting out a social media policy. I asked if they thought that the project had worked and they both looked at each other. Hmm, I thought.

I probed deeper and could still not tell whether they had really failed in their assignment, or whether they had talked themselves into acting less confidently than they should.

I headed home and as I did the weather changed dramatically. When I get home I decide to go for a long head-clearing walk. I listen to some gentle ambient music and walk for an hour or more.

My legs will hurt when I get back but my mind will have quietened.