Wednesday, June 5

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Chico’s, 12:25


I slept with my window wide open last night and everything felt different. I did not feel too hot, and the sounds of birds and trees rustling affected my dreams.

I had a long and complex dream which I did not fully understand while I was immersed in it. It involved some kind of underground movement involved in a long struggle of epic proportions whose purpose I could not divine, as well as a crashing rocket, several people who changed gender and possessed secret knowledge, the word Xian, and a process of digging something out of walls while people who didn’t like us danced in midair threateningly, like slow motion fighters in kung fu movies.

I made a note to keep the window open more often.

I got up and cycled to the metro under the promised blazing sun, wearing only the lightest of cardigans. I spent the morning making final adjustments to the Storytelling & Experience Design online course (the one I have moved from Eliademy to Its Learning) and by midday I declared it completely ready.

I think that I now have nothing more to do for it other than check the modules open at the right times, and join in the discussion forums.

Jutta appeared and at 12:00 she, Mirko and I went for our Summer planning lunch, to see what had done right this year and what we need to improve next year.

We decide on Chico’s which has its new summer menu containing less choice! I opt to have the vegetarian kale burger – or vurger in Chico-speak. I have it with battaati fries. Jutta has a chicken salad and Mirko has a salmon with a corn on the cob. We all have Pepsi Max. My kale comes patted into a burger shape with the aid of some glutinous sauce. It works and I like it.

I ask whether photographing food still counts as a thing or not; and then do it anyway.

After a detour to S-Market for ice-creams we will return to Arcada, where I will talk with the International Office, finish some reports, and edit the next episode of Miaaw into something usable.

I will pause to buy another Lullatone EP from Bandcamp, because I cannot stop listening to them. They remind me a little of The Penguin Cafe Orchestra at their best and briefest.

I will leave at 16:45 with the option of going to the Eid festival at Stoa, and undecided as to whether or not to actually go.