Monday, June 10

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Hermannin rantatie, 8:46


The wind continued to blow at storm level this morning and I turned back to get a cardigan. The sun beamed down and warmed the wind, so it felt like cycling through a desert.

I decide to walk from Kalasatama and as I approach Arcada I look down and see a small field of gigantic mushrooms that appear to have grown at the side of the road over the weekend. Certainly I did not see them last week. I photograph a few of them, a small clump, but I can see many more stretching down the grass verge.

I will get to Arcada and begin my day by running down my list of tasks. For the first week in a couple of months I have nothing of immediate importance. I have plenty to do but nothing stressful. I will talk with Fred and Monica, and then settle down to write a few mails.

I will receive Natalie’s assessment from Dennis Biström – a grade 5 – and send it on to the Study Office in time for her to graduate on Friday.

At midday I will walk to the mall to buy fruit and hummus and to discover whether or not the wind has died down. It has.

At 13:00 the afternoon of official fun and games will begin. My first session takes the form of an art walk around the local area, and I will decide to skip that, in favour of doing some work on a forthcoming website. I will, however, join my second session of authorised jollity: a game of frisbee golf made near-impossible by the returning wind.

We will all follow this with a picnic on the grass, laughing gaily as things blow around.