Sunday, June 16

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Garden, 20:54


We got up later this morning and I went for a long walk in the sultry summer weather. I walked a long way to the sound of King Crimson’s most recent studio album Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With. I remembered how much I liked it when it came out, and how much still surprises me when I listen again.

We did more gardening and then drove to see Irma’s mother in Kamppi. We spent a couple of hours there having coffee and cake, and talking about books, and bicuits, and summer, and relatives. We moved a couple of painting around the apartment for her.

On the way back we had the good fortune to catch sight of a very drunk man’s bottom as his trousers and underpants fell down in rapid succession. Summer in Helsinki.

In the evening I do ironing while we wonder if we will ever hear anything about the project we proposed in Kerala. We will contemplate how hearing about it later might impact the timetable.

I walk round the house to the back to check the tyres on my bike, which remain inflated. I look at the wheelbarrow leaning against the back wall and notice how the rust on the bottom glints and shimmers in the low evening sun.

I will wonder whether to photograph it before I decide to go indoors and fetch my iPad to do just that. Later I will play with it in Pixelmator to see how much I can do with it. I have wondered whether I ought to invest in Serif’s iPad software, Affinity Photo, or not.

This, in some way, will count as an experiment in the long, slow process of making my mind up.