Tuesday, June 18

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Metro, 9:37


I pedalled to Puotila, with flowers hanging from my handlebars, and then got the metro to Kamppi. I also had two giant sticks of rhubarb sticking out of my rucksack.

I walked to Irma’s mother’s apartment and delivered the rhubarb and the flowers, and then walked quickly to the Kamppi mall to see if Muji had arrived yet. It hadn’t. Everything remained the same as when Irma and I went in search of it last month.

I stood on the metro all the way from Puotila. On the metro back to Kalasatama I not only find a seat but I photograph the empty seat opposite me, before somebody can occupy it. It will not remain empty for long.

I will start the morning by booking Oasis for my meeting with Aga this afternoon. I will then continue working on the assessment of the Interactive Storytelling course. This will prove a long process, in that most of the entries for most of the assignments seem to exhibit about almost exactly the same amount of effort and imagination.

What to do?

Aga will turn up at 14:00 and we will go to Oasis to record an episode of the podcast. We will find a meeting going on there. “Oh, it’s the end of the year. We didn’t need to book.” I will then book Pacius and we will adjourn there.

We will record ourselves in conversation for an hour before someone starts knocking on the door. While we had sat there someone else had booked the room from 15:00 to 16:30. Every other room in the house (except perhaps Oasis) stands empty.

Aga and I will move to one of the toy houses in the small square and finish our discussion there. Later I will discover that Aga had the right idea when she pointed out that the ambience in the two spaces will proved audibly different.

I will finish the day by downloading the files from my recorder and into Dropbox. One quick listen will confirm Aga’s opinion. What an interesting summer editing assignment!