Monday, June 24

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Sundö, 19:12


Did I mention green yesterday?

I certainly thought about it as I sat looking out of the kitchen window at the grass, leaves, plants and trees. Now, in the garden, I look at the beach towel that has spent the afternoon drying.

I try to count the numbers of shades of green surrounding the towel, and give up.

Also trending

I have scrubbed some of Camilla’s new potatoes. I have put them in a pot, and in a very few minutes, when they have cooked, I will eat them.

Later that same evening

From midday, only Sunshine and I occupied the summer house.

He trotted off into the garden and disappeared while I pulled up weeds from around the house. He stayed hidden to return at 22:48, after I had washed and brushed my teeth and seconds before I shut the door to go to bed.