Tuesday, July 2

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Benitas, 17:55


Last week I had talked about cycling to Benitas to see how long it took. Last weekend when we went there I checked the lunch menu and decided that I would cycle there for lunch today. Oven-baked salmon: I like it.

It started pouring with rain at about 11:30 and carried on for a couple of hours. I abandoned the idea of salmon and ate an apple. In the afternoon the rain suddenly stopped, and I decided to make the effort.

I arrive at Benitas with both knees complaining. I have missed lunch but I order fish and chips instead, with hand-cut chips from real potatoes. I sit and eat them happily.

When I get back on my bike, for the 5km ride back to Sundö (Hilly? Yes!) a gentle rain starts to fall. As I cycle it slowly intensifies and I slowly speed up. I will get home in just less than 15 minutes with torrential rain dropping on me.

Ten minutes later, when I have changed out of my wet clothes, the rain will disappear and the sun will come out again.