Blocks of What?!?

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POSTED: November 8, 2018

I read and article on Medium yesterday that left me wondering. Not about anything specific, you understand: just wondering.

The article, Ravencoin — Remember, remember the 5th of November, seemed to concern the “mining” of some flavour of virtual coins other than bitcoin. It starts like this:

Beep!, Beep!, Beep! 6:45am on November 5th. I’m tired — exhausted really. I’d driven back from Vegas’ World Crypto Con and got home at about 12:45 in the morning, and didn’t sleep because of the adrenaline rush. Before going to bed, I decided to modify my issuebulk python script to trigger on block 435456 — the activation block for asset creation. I tested it a few times on different blocks to make sure it worked. Every second it checked for block 435456 and then allowed the remainder of the script to run.

It rapidly gets more cryptic. Somewhere near the end I read this:

So there I am, bleary-eyed, and watching seconds scroll by when block 435456 hits. Crap! Failure after failure scroll by in a blur. “Error: Please enter the wallet passphrase with walletpassphrase first” over and over. Oh yeah, I’m on mainnet, I need to enter a my passphrase. I quickly enter my passphrase and tell it to be active for six minutes, and run the script again. Dust!?! What is this? Why are my asset issuances failing? Everything worked perfectly on testnet.

You will probably feel as pleased as I did to learn that everything works out in the end.

I didn’t get all the assets I wanted, but I was gifted the ownership token for TRON and TRON_BLACK later that day, and even sent a GRATITUDE token. Thank you, you know who you are!

Medici didn’t get all the assets they wanted, not because they couldn’t, but because they didn’t. It was the right thing to do.

Thank goodness for that, I say.