Saturday, July 20

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Tirmo Blues, 15:51


We have come to Tirmo Blues to see Jari Sillanpää perform in the Legends slot. He will prove the best legend we have ever seen here. His hour-long set lasts nearly one hour and forty minutes, and includes Suspicious Minds, some tango, a Cheek rap song, and more or less everything in between.

We will return in the evening to see Anssi Kela, whose entire band should have to stand in front of the International Court of Justice for crimes against humanity.

Unless they intended their performance as a razor-sharp act of self-parody, which they clearly didn’t.

Other events today

Jutta and Kaitsu came to visit with Kaitsu’s three children (Max, Myy and Lilli) and Stig, the son of Jutta’s neighbour.

I got the trampoline set up and the girls jumped. Max successfully sailed the inflatable paddleboard all the way to Tirmo and back for a bet. We ate fish and laughed a lot.