Saturday, August 10

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International Market Place, 15:54


Today we learned that Waikiki will have a street party in the afternoon and evening. The details (why, where: that kind of thing) seemed pretty inconclusive, but we decided to go anyway.

We have walked down Kuhio Avenue to Ross, an outlet store that Irma wants to explore in detail. I decide to go for a walk and meet her in an hour and a half. I walk along the beach and photograph statues of royalty and surfers.

As I walk back I notice the police blocking off Kalakua Avenue, and food-trucks and stalls setting up. I can spot a street party in the making.

I walk back through the International Market Place, where I photograph a statue of the legendary Hawaiian singer Don Ho.

Later we will wander through the festivities and watch a band: a kind of post-punk surf rock, Hawaiian band. We will then go and eat in the food court at the International Market Place, where we will eat some cheap and amazingly good pizza with some $2 beers.