Tuesday, August 14

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Hermanninrantatie, 9:45

This morning Naa went to school early, and I got Auo up at 7:30. We walked to Puotila and got the metro. Auo got out at Kulosaari for her first day of school, and I got out at Sörnainen to walk to Arcada. I was going to collect some more books that I need for this week’s writing.

Arcada was almost deserted, and I have left and am now standing looking back at the building in the bright sun. I am about to walk to Kalasatama metro. I will get off at Itäkeskus and walk home from there.

I will read and write in Naa’s room until 13:15 when Auo arrives home from school. Then I will chat, go for a run, have a shower, and move my writing to the bike shed.

In the evening, I will go for a second longer walk that will take over an hour.