Friday, September 13

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Arcada, 13:00


I have just finished a session with the CMS course in which I took them through CodeAnywhere and got them all to create a container containing an installation of Wordpress. Hilarity ensued.

Somehow some of them managed to find a way to both create the same container. I think this involved neglecting to name the container, after which the first one to complete the cycle had a container called “Default” and the second one opened that when they tried to open their own “Default” container.

I love the way students can find new and completely unexpected ways of breaking things.

Now I sit on my own in the almost empty dining hall eating carrot and cheese soup. An enthusiastic and energetic rainstorm has started and I can see no reason to leave the building to buy lunch. I watch and eat. After a while I walk to the window and take a picture.

The sky has become so grey that it seems invisible. It has become the colour of no-colour.