Wednesday, September 18


Yrjö-Koskisen katu, 17:45


I have spent the afternoon at the University of Helsinki. I had my first tutorial, a meeting about courses and credits, and the first meeting of the doctoral book club, at which we will work our way through The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells.

Now I have left the meetings and turned left to walk down to the metro. About ten metres from Soc&Kom I spot a piece of art by Stara, based on an idea by Christo. I stop to look at it. What does it mean to have a slogan in Finnish and English but not in Swedish?

Keeping my eyes open I will find a shortcut; another entrance to the metro that I have not noticed before. With my eyes still open I will notice that every other person leaving the university uses this entrance and wonder why I have not noticed it before.