Thursday, September 19

YEAR:  2019 | Tags:  | | |

Toukolankatu, 8:47


The weather has turned colder than ever, but it has become a dry, still autumn cold, accompanied by bright sunlight. Wearing gloves, a cardigan and a jacket, I pass a man wearing shorts.

I stop to look at a sticker on a lamp post wondering whether it has a commercial purpose (in which case it does not speak to me, so must logically speak to another demographic), or whether it has a creative purpose. Perhaps it represents pre-made BYOG: bring your own graffiti.

I look around. I cannot see a street sign. Does this piece of path have a name? Should I count it as a continuation of Toukolankatu? Do I stand in the centre of a cartographer’s nightmare?

These things go through my head and then I walk into Arcada and forget all about them.