Wednesday, September 25

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Gullfoss, 18:26


We left Akureyri at about 9:30 and headed south.

We paused a couple of times to take photographs and somewhere in the early afternoon we stopped at the Settlement Centre in Borganes to have a Wellness Lunch buffet. It included a wonderfully spicy cauliflower soup.

Hours passed and we arrived at Geysir where we saw the geysers (very impressive, since you ask) and hung out in the souvenir shop until we had all accepted that we could not afford any of the souvenirs.

Fifteen minutes later and we reach the waterfall. I had argued for skipping it and heading straight for Reykjavik. When I see it I feel happy to have lost the argument.

This photograph scarcely does it justice.

We will arrive at Hotel Holt about 20:30, go to Sushi Social, and find Helen and Britt there.