Friday, September 27

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Caisa, 14:45


I returned to Arcada, powered by half a night’s sleep, and fixed a lot of issues that had arisen while I had worked in Iceland. I then edited episode 26 of Miaaw and uploaded it to the web seconds before its deadline.

I left Arcada for Caisa where the 2019 Social Tools conference will take place.

When I arrive Aga asks me about Iceland. I show her some photographs and she finds the ambience of the Hotel Holt fascinating, as I did. It reminded me of the Lady Leverhulme museum in Port Sunlight. Before I left I went around photographing all the communal areas, and the paintings in them. I look at them again and decide that I really like this one.

Later in the afternoon I will give a talk about Miaaw, and the things we have learned doing it. It will go down well.