Saturday, September 28

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Suomenlinna, 12:34


I have come to Suomenlinna for the second day of the 2019 Social Tools conference. Today Stacco Troncoso and Ann Marie Utratel from Guerrilla Translation in Spain will lead us through their idea of DisCos: distributed cooperatives that spread the funk through practice and theory.

I walk outside during a break and take this photograph. For a brief moment, the particular combination of shapes and colours makes Suomenlinna look like the place where the Teletubbies lived.

In the afternoon, in a long exercise that we will do in groups, Aga, Ilpo, Oliver and I will form a group and work out how to turn Social Tools into a disco. As an exercise it will prove interesting. As an actual plan for a real project it will become more exciting the more we think about it.

I will carry on thinking about it all evening.