Thursday, August 16

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Ruohalahti, 20:10

I got Auo up at 7:30 and had a lot of breakfast cereal myself. Then I set to writing, or editing, which seems like a displacement activity but may in fact be a necessary one. I feel that the story has taken a wrong turn, and I suspect that that is why the last couple of chapters feel impossible to write. In reading I realised that this was true and (even better) that I could see how to fix it. It was a matter of emphasis; specifically it was a matter of the emphasis in chapters three, four and five gradually going wrong and thus arriving at the wrong punchlines.

Auo phoned at 13:00 to say she was going to spend the afternoon with Silja, and I went for a run. Then I had the lunch Irma had left for me, and cycled to Alepa to buy Turkish jogurt to go with the about-to-decay box of raspberries in the fridge. Today is Food Day, and I am going to eat food!

At 16:00 I left for Pixelache for a board meeting that was inquorate and an Experts Panel that was lively. During this I agreed to organise a Virtuality Grand Tour conference in February and assigned Febrauray 21-23 as suitable days.

Now I have left the building and the blue sly is beginning to be covered with striking cloud formations. When I get home the clouds will completely cover the sky and five minutes after I arrive it will pour with rain. There will be no running this evening.