Thursday, October 10

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Tallininaukio, 8:18


I have left my bike at Puotila and, after fifteen minutes on the platform waiting for a train, walked to Its to see if I can get a metro there, where the two lines meet.

I stop to photograph the empty play area in the dull gray morning, and then walk down the stairs to the platform. “The metro is running at irregular intervals due to an accident”. A train sits there, and I manage to find a seat, and so I will sit there for thirty minutes reading and answering email.

People run onto the metro at various points, under the impressions that it will leave any second now. Other people, who have sat or stood for twenty minutes or more, get off to find another way to get where they need to go. I carry on reading.

Eventually the train starts and I get to Sörnäinen. I jump on a bus which refuses to let anyone off at the stop by Arcada, despite frantic shouting in Finnish by various passengers. This has happened to me once before.

I walk back from the next stop, over the hill, and get to Arcada about 9:20. It has taken me almost an hour and a half to get to work.