Indian internet statistics

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POSTED: November 4, 2019

While researching for a presentation I have to make later today, and then again tomorrow, I came across the following statistics about India, and internet usage there.

Clearly the device of choice went from nothing to mobile phones, without pausing at desktop or laptop computers on the way.

Population of India

1,339,000,000 in total

276,000,000 (22%) live below the poverty line (BTL = $1.25 per day)

Internet Usage

260 million online in 2015

460 million online in 2018

601 million online by 2021

Social Media Usage

Number of unique visitors to Facebook: 59,642,000

Number of unique visitors to WhatsApp: 160,000,000

Internet use in India – by gender

2011: men 78% and women 22%

2015: men 70% and women 30%

2019: men 60% and women 40%