Saturday, November 9

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Casino, Helsinki, 20:59


The rain stopped and we sprang out into the garden. I raked up all the leaves that needed raking, while Irma looked after lights and plants, and other things. Sunshine watched.

Now we have agreed to spend the evening in the casino, watching the finals of Miss Helsinki, where Niilia will attempt to win the crown, having got into the last ten.

Ilta-Sanomat TV film the event, which at least serves the purpose of letting me know that they exist. Whether they actually broadcast or simply stream from the newspaper website will remain a mystery to me.

I photograph the camera operator’s feet and legs as she photographs the runway. The runway contains scarcely concealed buttocks. Some of them wobble alarmingly. The colours around the camera operator’s feet look more photogenic.

Niilia will not win, and we will make the last metro home.