Monday, November 11

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Arcada, 15:35


I spend all morning with the first year who continue to like playing with Scratch. While doing this I do all sorts of other things as well. This includes answering Irma, who has messaged me with some potentially important news.

At 13:00 I attend a departmental meeting in which various people talk about various things. I learn about how to tell if I have one or more drug addicts in any of my classes. They will apparently lose concentration easily, and giggle at each other.

I realise suddenly that almost all my students suffer from advanced drug addiction and I have never known.

I race back to my desk to book doctor’s appointments for them all and look at the mass of cables on my desk between the laptop and a monitor. I notice them because I dislike mounds of cables like this, and they very rarely manage to do this on my desk.

I have had to charge all the external mikes and plugs for my distance CMS teaching. They whole pile will disappear before I leave tonight.