Monday, August 20

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Arcada, 11:45

It was Return-to-Work day this morning, so Auo and I got up and got the bus and metro at 8:00. The weather was colder than I had been led to believe so I was somewhat underdressed.

Jutta and I spent the morning in a meeting room working out a detailed narrative for this year’s courses. It took us ninety minutes and we had a story we can tell to the students and the part-time staff, in which each course follows on from the previous in both content and project work.

Now I am walking down to lunch. This is a staff-only week and so the choice is limited. I will choose beef stew and boiled potatoes over the pasta and thin vegetable sauce.

In the afternoon we will have the first team meeting of the year, in which we will plan the opening two weeks, and get completely confused about everything we are doing. Eventually we will all reach slightly different understandings, and we will be off.

Naa will spend a second night at Kamppi because her school starts absurdly early on Tuesdays this year.