Thursday, November 21

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Slush, Messukeskus, 15:00


We have arrived at the first day of Slush, just in time to see John Schoolcraft, the chief creative director at Oatly, give a keynote presentation called “How to crack consumer marketing without a marketing team”. He makes a very interesting case in a very funny, and extremely confident, lecture.

After seeing him again in a Q&A session, we wander into the Founder Stage area and watch Dax Dasilva and Patrick Pichette discuss “The 300 Year Business Plan”. I had suspected that this would prove a cheesy metaphorical hook for something much less ambitious, but no: they really do discuss a three hundred year business plan. I leave much more impressed than I had expected.

So impressed, in fact, that we will watch them again later at a Q&A session following which I will join a very short queue to get a signed (free) copy of Dasilva’s new book Age of Union which I will read over the weekend.