Monopoly forever (and ever)

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POSTED: November 27, 2019

Periodically Hasbro, the current owners of Monopoly, bring out special variant editions of one sort or another. Some simply dress up the pieces in a topical theme (Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Simpsons, and so on), leaving the underlying rules unchanged. Others, like Monopoly for Socialists, play with the underlying premises of the game.

Just in time for Christmas 2019, here comes one of the latter: Monopoly – the longest game ever.

Instead of the usual two dice, the games has only one. The board has two tracks instead of one. Instead of twenty eight properties the game now has sixty six, and the winner has to own all of them before the game ends. The money has perforations so that, at any point, players can pull their money in half and then use both halves.

It also has a mechanism to prevent any player ever going bankrupt, and escaping the game that way.

You should probably keep this game in a cupboard somewhere, unopened, in case you ever find yourself snowed in for a week or so.