Rubbish Seaside

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POSTED: December 3, 2019

I read an article in the Guardian recently about (and written by) Jack Hurley. The posters that illustrated the article caught my eye to the extent that I wanted to preserve them here. In the interest of not stepping on Jack Hurley’s toes I reproduce only one of them here and link to the original article and to his website

In the article he writes that

I’m 40 and I guess I’m an illustrator. I say “guess” because this all came about through expedience rather than design after I rather rashly threw in the towel on my career as a mental health worker without much of a plan as to what I was going to do next. The last five years have been a seat-of-the-pants crash course in learning on the fly, screaming at Adobe Illustrator and generally blagging my way through a scene I came to relatively late in life.

I ended up making these posters while I was doing some freelance T-shirt design work and I got a request to do one for Cleethorpes with “The Last Resort” as the punchline.

I have chosen to reproduce the poster about Teignmouth.

The series, called Rubbish Seaside, contains at least ten posters, some of which you might find funnier than this one. You can see the others from the links above, and buy them (as prints, tea towels and more) from the shop.