Thursday, December 5

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Prakicum, 15:52


I have spent the day doing things, which have included receiving a parcel from the Indian Embassy to deliver as a Christmas present to somebody in Kerala. (I never expected to find myself writing that sentence.)

In half an hour I will begin an online session of Digital Mediascapes, the MA course that I teach two evenings a week in Period 2. I will have sixteen students in Zoom, where we will use breakout rooms, and screen sharing and lots of other things I spent my lunch hour rehearsing.

I have come outside for a ten minute break that involves walking around Arabia. I look at the wall at the side of Prakticum that I passed yesterday after glimpsing the Tardis, and decide I should photograph that as well.

I will go in, set up, and find myself surprised about how easily it all works. I discover for myself that teaching a group offline works well; teaching a group online works well; teaching a mixed group, with some online and some present in the room, does not work at all.

Now I know.