Sanna Marin makes five

POSTED: December 9, 2019

On December 3 I noted that Antti Rinne, the Finnish prime minister and leader of the Social Democrats had reluctantly resigned after some jiggery pokery involving who knew what about the postal workers’ working conditions. I also noted that Sanna Marin had raced back from Brussels.

Yesterday the coalition confirmed her as Finland’s new prime minister: Finland’s third woman in that role, and the youngest serving prime minister in the world.

According to The Guardian

Marin has had a swift rise in Finnish politics since becoming head of the city council of her industrial hometown of Tampere at the age of 27.

The centre-left coalition, which took office just six months ago, has agreed to continue with its political programme stressing a shift to carbon neutrality, after Rinne announced he was stepping down at the demand of the Centre Party.

“We have a joint government programme which glues the coalition together,” Marin said.

Under the hashtag #newgeneration, Tuomas Niskakangas, a political journalist for Helsingin Sanomat, posted this photograph

The governing coalition contains five parties, and all of them now have female leaders. Four of them have female leaders under the age of thirty five.