Tuesday, December 17

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Arcada, 15:23


Last night I had a seventy five minute meeting with a student who realised, by the meeting’s end, that the world had not turned its back on her. This morning I started the day by doing some of the things I had intended to do yesterday afternoon.

I made a Powerpoint presentation to keep track of the plans for the DGD winter season, and I finished preparing the final block of the Digital Mediascapes MS course, which now has shiny new up-to-the-minute extra bonus content.

I peer-reviewed and edited a blog entry, and some of this meant that I missed the departmental Christmas lunch. I meant to go, but everyone left before I had reached a natural break, and then Robert said he had too much to do to spend forty minutes getting there and forty minutes getting back. He persuaded me that the world had not turned its back on me.

In the afternoon, I take a long pause before setting out my stall for the evening MA session. I come across a transparent teapot and cannot resist trying to photograph it.

Success? Not really: it should look brighter and whiter but, try as I may, I cannot get it brighter without it disappearing.