Wednesday, January 1

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Sagara, 11:09


We both felt too tired, and full of the residues of work, to brave Lighthouse Beach last night. We cancelled our attendance at a New Year party.

Later we decided to take a quick trip to Sumudra Beach, which remained peaceful, still and quiet. Outside Third Rock I saw the manger of the year. We sat outside Oyster and had vegetable pakkora.

The new year arrives slowly. I don’t mind that at all.


People who speak English will stop referring to the year as two thousand and four, or two thousand and nineteen, and start referring to it as twenty twenty. This will set the pattern for the rest of the century. In twenty sixty four people will look back at whatever happened in twenty twenty four in amazement.

Will this get applied retrospectively? Will people in twenty sixty four look back at whatever happened in twenty oh four in amazement?