Thursday, January 2

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Vizhinjam, 20:06


I spend the afternoon with the DGD coders in Sisp. The room has me gulping water within three minutes of entering it.

In the evening we decide to go to see St Mary’s church in Vizhinjam, about fifteen minutes away by rickshaw. It houses a Catholic festival, and many of the pupils at Sisp attend or participate in it.

Whatever we expected to find, what we do actually find tops it. The evening service has just finished. We wander around the church for some time.

This image does not do justice to what surrounds us. No picture could. The church itself looks like this, but it stands in a square, and every building in the square has a similar amount of lighting. Behind me an enormous neon Christ glows in the dark.

Outside the lighting continues for one or two kilometres. Music that may or may not have hynmal qualities plays from loudspeakers at rock festival volume.

The phrase Catholicism in Vegas comes into our minds, and then disappears again.