Friday, January 3

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Mukkunni, 17:47


Getting to the castle on the mountain where Geetha and Göran live always involves some kind of adventure. Where they live has no real address at all: you find it by turning off a road onto a steep hill and then turning that onto a path so steep it seems impossible to drive up.

Geetha posts a sentry on the path to point and offer encouragement.

We get there for a late afternoon party, which closely resembles an irregular meeting of a Swedish ex-pat group, with some friendly foreigners.

Apart from Geetha and Göran, who move between Stockholm and here, we meet David (Cochin and Stockholm) as well as Anders and Lars-Erik, who move between Stockholm and the ABC restaurant on Lighthouse Beach which they bought three years ago.

Also present: an Indian couple who live just outside San Francisco, a Swiss-Indian couple here for a short vacation, and the treasurer of the local tennis club.

I feel like a guest star in a successful comedy drama on YLE Fem.

As sunset arrives we get led out onto the mountain to watch it. I take several pictures of the landscape with Trivandrum visible in the far distance.