Tuesday, January 7

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Sagara, 8:23


I dug out my Royal Canadian Airforce 5BX exercise book for the New Year, as I do most years, and have now completed 6 days of morning training. This year I decided to approach it in an age-appropriate way, and so far it goes well. More importantly, so far it goes.

I used to own the Penguin book. I downloaded my own vintage copy of the 5BX Plan (third edition), for use on my iPad, last summer.

Standing in the room on the third floor of the house I look out of the window along KS Road, as I finish. I watch various people coming and going on various motor scooters. The sun rose sometime in the early morning and the sky has looked like this since about 6:30.

I know this because the cat woke me up at about 6:30.