Friday, January 17

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Sisp Centre, 11:47


Today some local and state politicians come to Sisp for a big occasion. At a recent all-India event Rahul became Indian skateboarding champion, and three other Sisp students won gold medals in different categories. Sisp also had silver and bronze medalists.

Parents will arrive. European partners, primarily from Belgium, and assorted Western tourists will arrive. Everyone will witness a bravado-filled demonstration of skateboarding, and a ceremony full of fun and laughter.

Mini, unfortunately, has caught chicken pox and will not attend to collect her gold medal. Mini and Rahul seem the best skateboarders that Sisp has produced and for Mini the journey has, in some ways, proved harder than for the boys.

Just before the dignitaries arrive I photograph four of the teenage girls who have the task of throwing freshly plucked petals all over the winners as they receive their medals.

Sona, one of the coding girls from DGD, sits second from the left.