Saturday, January 18

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SISP, 10:53


This morning a large part of Irma’s work this visit came to fruition as the DOP showroom opened to the public and about 150 people came for the inauguration party.

Irma, Asha, and the others, had labelled everything, and created spacious and inviting displays. I wandered around before people arrived trying to capture the feeling.

Drummers drummed; prayers got prayed; speeches got spoken; candles got lit; and the candyfloss man arrived to give away 100 bags of candy floss. The whole DGD group worked serving samosas, candy and drinks; clearing litter; and managing the kitchen.

I had long conversations with Karl from Positive Change For Marine Life, Sahan from thingQbator, and Anders and Leo (as we have learned to call Carl-Erik).

We arrived home tired and exhilarated.