Thursday, January 30

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Star Metro, 12:41


The flu that kept Simi off work last Friday spread to me and several others at SISP. I went to sleep with a very runny nose and woke several times in the night to variously blow and wipe it. Irma slept through all this, which made me happy.

We wake up to a bright Dubai morning and after a home made breakfast of Indian deliciousness we head for the pool. I watch the planes fly overhead while two men sit uncomfortably on nearby sunbeds in black trousers and jackets, thick black trousers, and enormous black trainers.

Once we have seen through their disguises, it becomes obvious that they have arrived to spy on us. We wait to find out which side they work for.

Sadly the heat will get the better of them and after a failed attempt to persuade the pool boy to manipulate a sunshade in ther favour, they will scurry off, sweating profusely.

Sending amateurs after us? Not a wise move.