Sunday, February 2

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Itäväylä, 11:20


I go for a longer walk this morning. Rain begins to drizzle and then gives up, as though even that seems too much effort. I photograph the few things that draw my attention: leaves, pavements, that sort of thing.

I walk through the woods and then down to the gas station. I walk along the main road and pause at the bus stop not far from Alepa. I catch a fire engine speeding past slowly.

I walk down to the next turning, and turn right and right again onto Vartioklyäntie. All the way I think of the game that I have to make tonight, in order to give the DGD gang something to work on once they have finished the Wizard and the Golden Apples game, that most of them almost completed before I left.

I will spend most of the rest of the day working on what will become Tiny Little Pizza Truck, a sure fire winner in another universe, slightly tothe right of this one.