Tuesday, February 4


Arcada, 12:34


At lunchtime, after a morning of grading assignments using codeanywhere.com, or trying to, I go for a therapeutic stroll around the building. I see some hinges. I photograph some hinges.

I have reached the fourth floor so these hinges do not catch my eye every day.

I will spend the afternoon developing Tiny Little Pizza Taxi, and I will manage to find some neat ways of making some aspects of it work better. Dialogue boxes now appear exactly at the moment they should.

The game has no sound at the moment. I want to add that later, and I want to send Sahan a reasonably small file that he can use to get things started.

I will go home prepared to spend the evening making the first lot of pdf project files to accompany the game, which I have promised to send to Sahan tomorrow afternoon.