DGD coding pause

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POSTED: February 6, 2020

Irma has sent me this photo that she took of the DGD team after one of our final sessions together in January.

Sahan started working with Simi and the team today. We had some Whatsapp banter while he worked. It struck me how much I have missed them all since we returned to Finland.

From left to right we have Jomol, Lekshmi, me, Stephy, Sona. Renu, Ancy, Ajay, Rahul, Sarjan, Shahan and Simi.

You can see the room where we have the workshops, freshly painted with the handmade stools that Irma had made. You can also see one of the eleven laptops and rucksacks that the club uses.

You can see the mural on the wall behind Jomol here.