Monday, February 10

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Arcada, 12:34


Jutta and I went to the mall. She bought her weekly shopping and I bought most of my weekly lunch. We did it all at Lidl.

We talked about the benefits of shopping in Söderkulla, which Jutta has started doing since a brand new Lidl has opened there. She has decided to make an exception today.

To my surprise I discovered that Lidl have some perfectly ripe avocados going cheap. Now I sit in the staff room at the dining table turning my avocado and hummus into sandwiches. Remembering that here in the twenty first century people photograph their food, I reach for my iPad.

The avocado tastes delicious: ripe but not over ripe. The hummus tastes fine. The bread seems perfectly acceptable in a stuffed-with-grains kind of way.

I have spent the morning making arrangements of one sort or another. I will spend the afternoon writing.