Tuesday, February 11

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Arcada, 15:15


I spent the morning finishing off the Tiny Little Pizza Taxi game and writing the final two pdfs for it. It worked out quite nicely as a game, although I haven’t a clue how they will manage with the pdfs.

I found that the code had entered into territory which had no linear starting point because everything depending on everything else. Fortunately the club members have no found any reason to worry about “what things mean” yet, and hopefully they won’t choose this week to embark on this process.

I sent the results to Sahan with a warning note. He replied cheerfully that he would check it all out.

I then had a meeting with Tomas about the innovation course that begins in March, and will feature DGD as its challenge for the students to tackle. We created a road map for the course and I wrote it up when I got back to my desk.

At this point I decide that I need to walk around for a bit. I have a brief chat with Jani about the mythical seven forms that a thesis can take, and set off down the corridor. On the way back I look out of the window at what looks like a late Spring afternoon. I check Supersää and discover that the thermometer reads 4°.

I will arrive back in time to try to get some writing done before I decide I should leave. In the end I will decide that I should leave before any writing actually gets done.