Friday, February 14

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Itäväylä, 8:04


Helsinki has had a completely unprecedented winter, with almost no snow at all, and no prospect of any. Daffodils have started appearing two months early and the temperature will reach eight degrees over the weekend. My thick winter coat remains in its wrapping in the shed.

We have had two tiny bursts of snow since November, neither of which amounted to much or lasted longer then twenty four hours. As I walk to the bus stop I come across a few tiny remnants of yesterday’s final minor flurry. They will have completely disappeared by mid-morning when the sun has risen.

I will spend the morning finishing and launching episode 36 of miaaw. I don’t count it as one of the better episodes, but I do like the fact that we have delivered 36 episodes in 72 weeks, each on time and none of them completely embarrassing. You can find them at, thrill-seekers!

I will have a lunch time meeting, and I will spend the afternoon on research, happy that I finally dumped Evernote in favour of Notebooks 10 on both iPad and laptop.

In other news, Summer Camp finally have a new album out, in time for Valentine Day.