Perishable Press: redesign no 25

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POSTED: February 14, 2020

Jeff Starr has just launched the twenty fifth redesign of his site Perishable Press, which he started in 2005.

According to how you count it, and when precisely in 2005 the website launched, I make that something like one full redesign every six and a half months.

I cannot claim to have seen them all, but all the ones that I have seen offer interesting variations on the minimalist aesthetic that I like (and try to use whenever I can).

He also provides a link to a discussion of the twenty fourth redesign, which itself links to other articles…

While travelling down this wonderfully interesting rabbit hole I spotted a remark about Chris Shiflett’s site I went there to look and discovered that it has a truly remarkable design: remarkable in that it genuinely doesn’t look like any other site, while still looking gorgeous and minimal.

I suspect that I should either declare the design of this site finished (which I don’t think I believe) and get back to finalising it.

Alternatively, I could just reconcile myself to the fact that the design this site does move forward slowly, and maybe that’s all it needs to do.