Tuesday, February 18

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Työpajankatu, 8:47


Some of the buses from Kalasatama to Arcada have a nifty little single seat at the front on the right. Sometimes I manage to claim it, as I have this morning. I look out of the window as the bus pulls away and photograph the junction by the metro station as we swing left into the end of Hermannin rantatie.

Everything, the sky included, looks gray. The smoke from the chimney fits in nicely.

This week many people would take time off work for skiing holiday week, but no snow has arrived and skiing cannot happen anywhere in the southern half of Finland. People have therefore taken time off to do other things.

I arrive at an almost empty Arcada and settle down to juggle the many balls I threw up into the air yesterday. Letters will get written, plans will get drawn up, meetings will get arranged, and tasks will get ticked off in Todoist.