Sunday, August 26

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Tirmo, 15:50

The morning was sunny again, and we got up slowly. I did some more gardening and tidying, while the cat prowled round the farm. Once it returned we locked it in till we were ready to leave.

I dismantled the old and broken swing which is occupying the place where the summer kitchen will go. The screws were completely rusty and it was impossible to get some of them out. I bent the frame and we took that to the big rubbish bins. There is still one piece left, which can apparently be collected in the spring.

Now we are going. On the way home the weather will get colder and the sky darker. When we are back in Helsinki the rain will start. I will just have managed to finish beating the carpets by the time it gets too much to go out in anymore.

Irma will take Naa and a basket full of fish and vegetables to Kamppi, and everyone will go to bed early. The cat will settle down immediately and spend most of the evening asleep on beds and sofas.