Saturday, February 22

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Under the city centre, 16:52


The rain came down too hard and too continuously for any morning walk today. I exercised by cleaning the house more thoroughly than usual.

At Christmas I planned to get an all-in-one desktop computer for home use and at the end of January, when we had returned from India, I saw one that might do: an Asus Vivo. Last week I noticed that Power had two of them on sale in the outlet for 250€ less than the retail price, but they needed collecting from the Power in the basement of Stockmann in the city centre.

That explains why we find ourselves looking for the entrance to the underground car-park Stockmann built about five years ago. We locate it by Forum and drive in. We find ourselves in something halfway between an underground city and a dystopian film-set. Colour us astonished.

We drive for what seems like ten minutes and eventually find a place to park near a sign that says Stockmann. We then walk through miles of tunnel carved through the rock.

To cap it all when we reach the end we find ourselves immediately inside Power which, when approached this way, looks like a shopping centre in the middle of an unknown subterranean civilisation.

I bought the computer and then we wandered around entranced. This strange new culture also has an Alko, a food hall, and a flower market.