Sunday, February 23

YEAR:  2020 | Tags:  | | | |

The other woods, 11:11


The weather has changed and I wander out into bright sunshine. I walk through the woods listening to the guitar playing of Michael Chapman, for the first time in several years. This has happened because I bought a SD card for my phone which necessitated adding new music. Or old music in this case.

I walk down Linnanherrantie and cross Riskutie and enter the other woods: the ones that continue right down to the ring road. The woods are full of temporary lakes from the sheer amount of rain that fell over the last week. I stop and look at one, which has pylons reflected in it.

At some point I switch to listening to Salmonella Dub’s album One Drop East, which makes a suitable background noise for walking.

I walk fast for forty five minutes, forcing myself to speed up every time I notice myself slowing down.

I feel better for it.