Friday, February 28

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Itäväylä, 16:52


The weather had turned bitterly cold this morning. I may not have needed my winter coat this year, but I certainly wanted my winter gloves as I stood at the bus stop.

I spent the morning finalising plans for the two courses that I will teach in Period 4, and arranging some meetings for next week.

I finished the morning by recording a short episode for Meanwhile in an Abandoned Warehouse. Sophie has joined the strike at UCL, and so we have a special picket line edition.

I edited it at lightning speed and put it out online. I felt like a real journalist. I also felt happy that we have not missed a single self-imposed deadline. Every episode (including this one) has gone out on time.

On the way home I glance out of the metro at the deceptive afternoon sun and take some photos as we speed along parallel to Itäväylä. None of them count as “good photographs” but this one has an interestingly smudgy set of colours, made blocky by the mixture of the external view and reflections from inside the carriage.